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What is the DDP YOGA Hardship Fund?

The fund is a grassroots effort run by members of TeamDDPYoga to provide DDP YOGA DVDs to those people who cannot afford it.

Where does the money come from?

You! Members & non-members of TeamDDPYoga donate to the fund and we use that money to help those who need it.

How big does my donation need to be?

Any amount helps! You don’t need to donate the full cost of a DDP Yoga Max Pack because all of the money gets pooled together to purchase as many programs as possible.

Who administers the fund and monitors donations?

The fund was founded and developed by Liz Collins and is currently run by four administrators: Mary Callicoat, Steve Doyle, Graham O’Quinn, and Christina Russell. In addition, we have two independent observers; Lisa Brown and David Orth, who monitor the funds, and who will answer any questions about the fund that you may have.

Is the fund affiliated with DDP Yoga or TeamDDPYoga in any way?

NO! This fund is a completely independent initiative run by a group of DDP Yoga fans who simply want to help others improve their lives the way ours were improved. We do not receive direction from DDP YOGA.

How do I donate?

Please check back later.

How do I apply to be considered as a DDP YOGA hardship candidate?

To start, please complete this interview form and submit your answers. Once reviewed and approved by a majority vote you will be contacted for the second step in the hardship review process. We want to make sure that all candidates are dedicated to putting in the work to change their lives. We want to see commitment, involvement in the DDP Yoga community, and determination to live a healthy lifestyle.


If you have any questions, want to be considered as a DDP YOGA hardship candidate, or would like to donate to the cause – please email me:


Click here to see where it all began! 



  1. I an very interested in this program! I am 61 years old and quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago but I’ve put on 30 pounds and can’t seem to take if off. I have asthma ( and arthrits) and have a hard time affording my inhalers and I believe the extra weight has made harder to breath. I know this program works because my nephew has been on it since Jan.and has lost about 150# , very proud of him,( matt Coonce)..I have also recently relocated and I’m having a hard time getting back on my feet financially if you can help me get started I would so appreciate it! And I’ll try to give back as soon as I can…thank you for your time.

  2. oh wow..this would be so husband gets disability and i dont work.i have spinal stenosis,bulging discs and arthritis at every level in my back..i also have hip bursitis and knee osteoarthritis..allergic to milk and also hypothyroid..i am 52 and 5 foot..i weigh 265..i have been overweight ever since i had my 3rd child in ’83..i have been getting the videos off of youtube and working on those.i started about a week ago..drs had said yoga would be better for my back…i have pictures and measurements but haven’t put them up yet..embarrassed..what do you have to do to be qualified for the hardship fund?

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