Shorts: Core Strength and Flexibility Thanks to DDP Yoga

I put together this sequence of moves which I never would have been able to do without the core strength and flexibility DDP Yoga has enabled me to achieve!


Shorts: Forearm and Scorpion Update

I was recently inspired to spend more time working on Forearm Balance and Scorpion pose. I haven’t posted in a while, but I have been working on it sporadically.

I am definitely getting close. I also feel okay about not getting it overnight. If you do a Google image search for “Most Difficult Yoga Pose,” you will pull up a page full of Black Crow (already nailed), Eka Pada Kundiyasana and Eight Angle Pose (check and check), Firefly (easy-peasy), Dragonfly (getting there), and dozens of pictures of Forearm/Scorpion Pose.

It’s really not the end of the world that I haven’t nailed down one of the “Most Difficult” yoga poses in under a year of trying. In fact, it would be the end of the world if I did! I plan to practice DDP Yoga for the rest of my life, and having challenges to work toward keeps me motivated. If I mastered all the most challenging poses too quickly, I’d risk having nowhere else to go*.


* There’s always someplace to go! 

The Advanced Class

I have learned a number of poses since starting DDP Yoga that I was never able to master (or do with modifications) before. Nowadays, I sometimes do them all just to take stock of what I have learned, and to see where I need more practice. Here is one of these practice sessions:

My New Philosophy

We are not all at different points on the same path;
we are each alone on our own path.

I articulated that thought when I was talking to someone about their problem with doing push-ups. However, it’s very easy to explain the futility of comparing your success to that of others when looking at someone else’s yoga journey.

Maybe less than twelve hours elapsed between that conversation and me scrolling through movies and pictures of other teamDDPyoga.com members who can do Scorpion Pose or Forearm Balance wondering why I couldn’t do it. I let in all sorts of entitled thoughts about it not being fair, or how I wish I could get it. But those are not productive thoughts.

I did Forearm Balance using a yoga strap for the first time two nights ago. Last night I tried again, and expected to be able to do it, because I had been told by someone (who was being encouraging) that once I had it, I’d be able to do it from then on. But last night, I didn’t approach it with the right mentality. I was bickering with my husband, I came to it expecting that it would happen for me, and I gave myself about 5 minutes to try it. It didn’t happen, and that’s a good thing, because if I had gotten it, that would have been a bad lesson about entitlement for me to have.

It’s okay that many members of teamDDPyoga.com can get Forearm Balance without yoga props, and hold it for up to 70 seconds when I can’t. That’s where they are on their path. Forearm balance, Scorpion pose, and psycho push-ups might be farther along my path. Other achievements will be nearer on my path. The order in which I master things will be different to another person, so having expectations of what I should be able to do based on someone else’s achievements is fruitless. Either way, the only way I will move along my path is to focus on it, and to put in the work and effort it takes to move along it.


Last night, I watched DDP’s motivational talk about Living Life at 90% while doing my half-marathon training on the elliptical. Then I read the chapter of YRG for regular guys about achieving goals.

After I was done on the elliptical, I spent some time on Forearm Balance as part of this month’s Warriors in Training blog. In particular, I focused on DDP’s advice he gave me about doing psycho push-ups (not there yet, but I am closer with this evening’s progress), and Kevin Russo’s advice and forearm balance video. Obviously, this is all superimposed onto the base of the forearm balance instruction from the Extreme Psycho Workout.

Here’s what happened:

I almost wrote that I finally got it. But I would only use the word “finally” because I practically have less patience than my 2-year-old. But as I was about to type that, it occurred to me that I have only been doing DDP Yoga for 4 months, and I didn’t even start my Scorpion Pose/Forearm Balance on Day 1 at that! That is a tremendous advance in such a short period of time (the frame of reference being the years I spent doing conventional yoga an accomplishing nothing!).

The Scorpion Saga

Since I met my weight loss goals, and started transitioning to seeing how far I could take Yoga, I have been met mostly with success. Until I came face-to-face with a nasty little Scorpion (pose).

I was optimistic when I first tried it:

So I kept going:

And going:

I let frustration get the better of me:

But I remembered to be proactive:

And when I asked DDP for help, and stuck with following DDP workouts (and not the other ones online), I was finally met with some success!

Yes, yes, if you blinked you likely missed it. But, it was a real forearm balance (the precursor to Scorpion). I am on the right path, thanks to DDP!

I will make progress with this pose, and someday soon, I will nail it!