Meet Liz


Liz is a certified DDP Yoga instructor, and is currently in training to be a nutritionist.
If you are in the Northern Illinois area and interested in one-on-one or group DDP Yoga classes and weight loss counseling, please contact Liz!

Liz is the first EVER female certified DDP Yoga instructor, and award-winning fitness and weight loss blogger. She is both an avid DDP Yoga practitioner and featured success story.

Liz received her BSc in Biology from University College Dublin, and her PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Notre Dame. Since discovering DDP Yoga, Liz has dropped – and kept off- over 40 lbs! She has been the featured guest on both DDP Radio and The DDP Yoga Experience, and she is active in helping and supporting fellow DDP Yoga fans on TeamDDPYoga. She has discovered a passion for researching the science and history of nutrition, and learning how to navigate the minefield that is our food supply in order to eat clean maintain a healthy weight.

Liz’s Background:
I’m an overeater in recovery. I have never had a healthy relationship with food, or anything that can be consumed (shopping, exercise, etc.) for that matter. To make matters worse, I was never active; I didn’t do any sports in school, and I lied my way out of most gym classes. Lots of calories in, very few calories out… you do the math!


As a teen was never, ever happy with my body. I always sat around wishing and waiting to get thin or toned, but it never happened. During my twenties, I tried pretty much every workout system and diet plan you can name. Each time, it went the exact same way: for a month I would do it obsessively, lose at most 10 pounds, burn out or get injured, and then quit. Then, whatever weight I had lost would come back, and then some. My weight has steadily increased since I was a teen, and after I turned 30 and had a child, it skyrocketed to 192 lbs (13.5 stone).


I was so depressed. I was disgusted with myself and my body, and it affected my life. I was embarrassed to let anyone see my body, especially my husband. I was fatigued and miserable, so I wasn’t a great mother to my child. And because of years of doing silly, high-impact workout systems, I had wrecked my knees. It was completely hopeless. How was I supposed I workout and get healthy if I couldn’t even get up the stairs without wincing in pain?

The only regret I have about DDP Yoga is the amount of time I allowed to elapse between seeing the Arthur video and when I tried it out. Since the day I ordered the system, I haven’t looked back. Before the Day 90, I had breezed past the three goals I had set for myself (lose 20 lbs, have less pain in my knees, stick with it for over a month). By the 90th Day, I had lost more than the 20 lbs I had (ambitiously) wanted to lose, my knees where strong enough to run a Warrior Dash, and I was showing no signs of giving up or getting bored with DDP Yoga.


Starting my DDP Yoga journey has been the best thing I have ever done for my health, and I know it can help anyone achieve their goals.




  1. Liz, such a familiar story, thank you for sharing it and showing people that real change is possible for anyone, you just have to make the decision to work at it. I am approaching day 30 and see no turning back. I am down 20 pounds and counting and the support of this community has been the difference maker for me. Again you are inspiration and fuel for those of us working toward our own transformative goals, much continued success and health!

  2. Hello Liz, I have purchased DDY plan, but had a female question which I have been wanting ask. I was searching the web and stumbled upon your site. Often times ones hears not to do Yoga while having your periods. My question is can is it safe to follow the DDY plan during that time of the month? Thank a lot

    1. Hi AKH,

      I have heard that, but it’s largely discredited as an old-wives’ tale at this point. The only exception would be if you experience extreme dizziness/loss of balance during your period, in which case, avoid inversions (such as forearm balance and psycho push-ups on the Max Pack workouts). If you are fatigued, it may be an idea to pick the easier workouts and take modifications as needed!


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