DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga is the brainchild of Diamond Dallas Page. As a wrestler, DDP suffered a spine injury in the ring that doctors told him was going to end his career. Despite being the guy who “wouldn’t be caught dead yoga”, he tried it out of necessity. Thanks to yoga, he not only got back into the ring, he became World Championship Wrestling’s three-time Heavyweight Champion!

However, he realized that traditional yoga needed a little “something”, so he took out all the inaccessible spirituality, and replaced with with dynamic resistance and rehabilitation principles.  The end result is a kick-ass workout that drives your heart-rate into the fat-burning zone within seconds of starting, and keeps it there until the end of the workout, but with zero impact on your joints. It improves your strength and muscle tone, but unlike traditional strength-building approaches, it actually improves your flexibility too.

Thousands of people have already met their weight loss, strength-building, flexibility and health goals. Whether you want to lose large or small amounts of weight, improve your flexibility and stamina, or just bring your athleticism to the next level, DDP Yoga is going to help you get there. Other workout systems will tell you that if you “have any physical condition or are prone to injuries” you shouldn’t participate. DDP Yoga not only includes you, it will help you fix those issues (I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without wincing in pain before DDP Yoga. Within 6 months of starting DDP Yoga, I completed a half-marathon).

Start YOUR Journey Today! 

“If you’re already in shape and think this program has nothing to offer… prepare to get embarrassed.”
– Men’s Journal

“The weight loss success rate of those who have completed the DDP Yoga program is astonishing.”
– Diets in Review

“All the benefits of an intense cardio workout without impacting joints.”
– She Knows

“For those looking for a ZERO impact workout to increase your fitness or loose weight… I recommend DDP Yoga.“
– Fitfluential

“[DDP Yoga] serves to alleviate pain from old injuries, as well as decrease the possibility for new injuries.”
– Yoga for Focus

Find out what everyone is talking about with the world’s first female DDP Yoga instructor, Liz Collins!


Liz’s teamDDPyoga.com profile



  1. I’ve been looking at the various reviews on this and am thinking this will be my next program to order. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose but am on the low end in flexibility and lean muscle which this may help.

  2. There’s a tiny typo in this article. DDP wouldn’t be caught dead doing YOGA, not WRESTLING 😉
    But what I really wanted to say is, I’m so happy I found DDPYOGA and your story is so inspiring! I hope one day I’ll be able to write my own!

  3. I love close to 80 lbs doing ddp , after i stopped, well i got lazy, but now its time to start again! and get me back.

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