My Inspirations: Kelly Klemolin, Certified DDP Yoga Instructor

Continuing in the series of certified female DDP Yoga instructors, this week we’re talking to Kelly Klemolin. Despite being geographically closest to me, I am yet to meet Kelly in person. I will definitely have to rectify that someday soon. For now I’m happy to share her story here (check out her insight into how to deal with obstacles, I’m really inspired by that!):


How did you get involved with DDP Yoga?

Like so many others, I discovered DDP Yoga via the Arthur video. When I saw Dallas mid-way through the video, my thoughts ran something like, “why does he look so familiar? check out those biceps! I am soooo doing the wrong yoga!” I googled and was hugely intrigued by the whole program. I love my cardio, but I also want to feel strong. Food was another issue…while I’d been reading up on clean eating for years, everyone made it so complicated. It was just one of those “I’ve gotta check this out” things…and I bought the program.

What were your original goals with DDP Yoga?

Looking back, I’m not sure I had actual goals when I purchased the program. I was looking for something different, something that didn’t leave me asking myself “are we done yet?” after the first month. I’ve done step, spin class, bootcamp, buns of steel (way to date yourself Kel!), rollerblading, power yoga, power-walking, lifting, Zumba, hula hooping, Wii fit, kettlebell, and kickboxing…I know there’s more, I just can’t remember it all right now. I still mix it up with some of these workouts, but none of them give me that kick-ass feeling of accomplishment like DDP Yoga does.

Workout-wise, I was pretty healthy when I started the program. I’ve always been flexible and my endurance was good – just don’t ask me to run…it’s a sad, sad sight . Food has always been a challenge. While I haven’t mastered the level of clean eating I now aspire to, I’m learning more each day.

Did you achieve that goal?

Since my only real goal was to find a workout that I liked – yes, I found it. On the first day I got the DVDs, I did the DD, Energy & Fat Burner. Having done yoga before, I didn’t think it was really hard…engaging was challenging, but it was okay. Day 2 I tried Below the Belt. It was like a switch went on. I was hooked.

Are there any other ways DDP Yoga has helped your life?

It’s helped me to become more accepting that “just because I’m not there today, doesn’t mean I won’t get there.”

Did you experience any hurdles along the way?

As with all of us, life happens. Schedules, kids, commitments – yes, I let them get in my way. Finally I asked myself “how bad do you want it?” and that’s when I started moving forward again.

What are your current goals with DDP Yoga?

To finally change the story in my head that says “you weren’t meant to be thin” to something like “you’re here to be healthy.”

There are always things to take further. One thing that comes to mind is to master black crow…I’ve had a serious road block for years, when it comes to that move. I know it’ll come down to eventually just relaxing into it…but right now it’s still a sloppy mess.

What made you decide to pursue DDP Yoga certification?

I’ve been subbing as a kickboxing instructor for a few years now. I’ve been asked if I would like to teach kettlebell. Both of those just sort of happened; it’s great, but it wasn’t anything I intended to happen. When I learned about the DDP Yoga certification process, I immediately thought “I’m doing it.” It’s so much more than just a workout. I mean, you can watch a hundred infomercials about different workouts & workout products and they’re all the same: Check out my abs! Whoa – look at my ass! DDP Yoga is different. It’s about being being better than you were yesterday – inside & outside.

Original hopes – I’m not even sure. My hopes are still evolving. This is really basic, but I really want to help make someone’s life better. That may be something as simple as helping someone break that plateau they’ve been on forever, teaching them the best plan of attack in the grocery store, or working with them to touch their toes when they said it couldn’t be done.

How did you find the certification process?

The certification process was a good experience. The easiest part was the practice. Learning the moves and communicating them to others was straightforward. The hardest part was getting in front of the camera. I fear cameras – I think that’s why it took me forever to finally get certified.

What has being a certified done for you?

A couple days ago one of my son’s karate instructors showed up at my class. He’s a kind of gruff guy and you always know where you stand with him. He’s a fantastic teacher and has my complete respect. I have to admit, I was a little intimidated having him in class. When we finished, he came up to me and told me how much fun he had and what a great workout it was. I was exhilarated. That’s what being certified has done – and I’m looking forward to more of that feeling of accomplishment.

I teach DDP Yoga at a local karate school. Another job – yes, I am a full-time voice talent, doing commercials, narrations, e-learning, video games, or being that annoying voice that won’t let you out of phone-tree hell.

What’s next for you and DDP Yoga?

Right now I’m going to focus on growing the classes. On a slightly related note, I will be working on getting a certificate in nutrition.

Where can people find you?

I can be reached at




  1. Love reading about certified female instructors! It’s very inspiring. I really relate to her comment about the infomercials from other programs focusing on the great abs or butt you can have. DDPYOGA is so much more real and genuine. Great article, Liz!

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