Really the Real Deal

If you spend any amount of time around TeamDDP, you will invariably hear someone call DDP the “Real Deal.” Off the top of my head, Christina used that phrase in the video we made together, and Stacey Morris wrote a blog post about it. You will find dozens of uses of that phrase around teamDDP, on the DDP Yoga Facebook page, and even by googling: DDP “real deal”.

So now it’s my term to say it:

DDP Yoga is the real deal, and DDP is the real deal!

Let me elaborate. DDP Yoga is the real deal where so many other workout systems are not. I am able to make that claim; I tried them all, and I failed after incurring injury or burnout. When I first started reading about  DDP Yoga, I felt the normal level of skepticism that I learned to have in response to any bold claims from a workout system. Zero impact, high cardio? Yeah, right. Large amounts of fat-burning without pounding your knees into the pavement or on and off a 20″ step with weights on your shoulders*? Liar! But seeing Arthur’s transformation, I began to believe this may be more than the usual smoke and mirrors.

I’m going to smash cut to my after photo. I lost 50 lbs, gained a lost of muscle, and met dozens of other goals. Along the way, I was posting selfies on, as is recommended by the program. When I met my goals, I was contact by the DDP Yoga webmaster, Robert, asking me if I would like to be a success story on the DDP Yoga transformations site. Rather than gushing about what an honour that was, I will just say that the photos on my page are exactly the same as the selfies I provided. No retouching, no editing. No flashy photographers arrived at my house. No makeup artists. Nothing. The photos on my page have all the glamour of me setting the 10 second timer and quickly getting into Firefly pose! It certainly would have been nice to have been pampered by a makeup artist and to have a director of photography showing me how to pose in order to make my figure look perfect, but the point remains that the results you see on the DDP Yoga transformations are legitimate. When you look at other people’s stories, you will notice that a majority of photos are selfies taken in the mirror with a cell phone. Low quality, high honesty!


After I met my goals, I got a phone call from DDP himself. DDP spends most of his time checking in with people doing DDP Yoga, helping them meet their goals and giving them support and advice where needed. I want to put this into perspective. DDP Yoga sells one set of DVDs. That’s it. Once you’ve bought them, there’s nothing else to sell you. DDP reaching out to you has no financial benefit for him. I am comparing this experience to a previous workout system, in which I reached out to the instructors and received no response. A friend pointed out that they were likely forbidden form responding to people outside of their paid subscription website where additional products are available to purchase (note the “Club Price” below each item). For comparison, access to TeamDDP is free, and aims to sell you nothing, other than the best support system on the planet for which it charges $0.00 USD.

Another story that really drives home how honest and legitimate the stories you read at are is the video I made after my first 90 days. DDP suggested that I make this video, so I did that and sent it to him to see if it was what he had in mind. I offered to edit or re-film it if it was lacking anything he wanted. His instant response was not to change it in any way because it was real and true to my journey. To summarize, he was given the opportunity to change my video to better suit DDP Yoga’s messaging and inject better marketing into it, and he declined, favouring a story that was true and honest. A story that was the real deal you may say.

When you look at DDP Yoga, you may notice that everything about it is raw and rough around the edges. Because it is. It completely lacks polishing and packaging. It floats itself on its actual results. I’ve done the systems that employ advertising firms and have neatly packaged presentations, and I have experienced the complete lack of results that comes from systems that are all style and no substance. If you want real results, you need the real deal!

* I really, really, wish I was exaggerating there, because typing it, I realized what a stupid, moronic thing that is to do. But sadly it is not and exaggeration. I spent years doing just that. And I wrecked my knees. 

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