A Gap in Logic

I went 30+ years without ever encountering the phrase “thigh gap,” and now I feel as if I can’t pass a magazine in the grocery store without reading it. I thought we were getting past the anorexic chic phase, and into a glorious strong-is-the-new-skinny era, but I guess not.

In my teens, I would have sold my soul for a thigh gap, even though there wasn’t a specific phrase for it at the time. Nowadays, the thought of having one terrifies me! I have worked long and hard to develop a strong healthy body, and strong healthy legs.

I love my legs! I think they look amazing. And they don’t just look great, they perform really well too. Last week they ran 20 miles, and next week, if all goes according to plan, they will run 26.2 miles at the Kenosha marathon. Aside from a healthy level of insulation, they also have a huge amount of muscle that adds to their girth, making it impossible to have a thigh gap. In particular, since starting DDP Yoga, I have really improved my adductor strength and improved the mass of the muscle in my inner thighs. This is a blessing for me, because the strength of your adductor counteracts the pull of your IT bands on your kneecap. Stronger adductors equals better knees. As someone who suffered for a long time with knee pain, I am in no hurry to stop building my inner thigh muscle.

I really hope this “thigh gap” nonsense goes away quickly. It has already been banished from my world!


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