Shorts: Friday Funnies

This is definitely me:


See for yourself:

This video is 30 minutes of me planking and caterwauling. However, the audio is muted…Sorry! There is talk of an elusive clip with the original audio in tact. If you want to see it you can pm me for it. I will only let people I know and trust have the link because it’s pretty horrific! Actually, I may not let anyone see it; it’s that bad!

My butt lifts a little toward the end, though not to the extent that it appears.. my little handheld camera was on the ground and pointed up so it’s exaggerated. Keep in mind that as my arms are straight up and down the entire time, for me to keep my hands at the top of the mat, and my feet at the back, I would have to have monstrously long torso to also be in down dog, and not plank!


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