Tutorial: Making Collages with Fotor

When you start DDP Yoga, one of the things you are advised to do is take 6 pictures. Here is a collage of my (sad) Day 1 pictures:


I said “say” cheese… Not “eat” the cheese!

No matter how awful they look, it’s important to take them. Trust me, if you do everything that the DDP Yoga guide asks of you, these 6 pictures are going to get better faster than you would think. You don’t need to share the pictures on TeamDDP, or anywhere else for that matter, but take them and keep them so you can see how far you have come each 30 days (when you take a new set of the same 6 poses).

To get the most out of your pictures, I highly recommend making a collage out of the same pose from each 30 day period. It’s very hard to look at your Day 90 photos and see that you have changed, or made progress. But when you put your Day 90 pictures side-by-side with the corresponding pose from the previous days, you’ll see how amazingly you are doing!


Going, going, gone!

An additional benefit to making a collage out of your photos is that you can get feedback and praise from your fellow TeamDDPyoga-ers. This may sound like compliment fishing, but getting props for your progress is important positive feedback that will help motivate you and keep you on your journey to great health and positive living. It’s even more important to do this now as there are over 30,000 people on TeamDDPyoga from all corners of the globe. That’s great news, because it means there are 30,000 people looking to support you on your journey, but it also means that there are thousands of photos getting uploaded everyday, and your Day 1 photos can be separated from your Day 30 photos by hundreds of pages of photos. It will make it a lot easier for people to be inspired by your amazing progress if you present it in collages.

Below is a quick tutorial on how to turn this photo:


and this one:

90 Day Front

into a collage like this:


(Sorry about how nasally I was; the plague was still lurking around our house when I made this!)


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