Burn, Baby, Burn!

“DDP Yoga is a high-cardio, minimal-impact home workout.”
Men’s Journal

“ZERO impact cardio workout”

“All the benefits of an intense cardio workout without impacting joints.”
She Knows

Sounds so good, you’d almost expect to get two-for-the-price-of-one if you phone in the next fifteen minutes, right? But this workout program actually works.

I decided to show the power of engaging using the techniques I have learned with DDP Yoga. First, I lowered my heart rate from 111, my resting rate*, to 82 using meditation techniques I learned from Hypnobirthing. Then, while sitting, and not moving an inch, I used DDP Yoga engaging and breathing techniques, and got my heart rate to 133, well within my fat-burning zone, within 21 seconds. Pretty amazing!

This makes me think, how many opportunities to get into my fat-burning zone, have a cardio workout, and build strength am I wasting while waiting in line at the store, lying in bed, or even sitting on the couch typing this blog? Guess who’s flexing her quads and squeezing her glutes right now?

Here’s the first version I did after I had been exercising. YouTube’s copyright police took the music track away, sob.


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