DDP Yoga – Now with Extra Inspiration!

One of the greatest gifts DDP Yoga has given me is inspiration. I have tried a number of workout systems and diets, but in the absence of any inspiring role models or inspiring confidence in myself, the second things got rough, I got going… back to the couch.

Like many people at teamddpyoga.com, my journey started with the Arthur video, but I was also extremely inspired by Stacey’s story too. Like me, she is a woman and an over-eater, but unlike me, she had kept the weight off for four years. Her story was instrumental in convincing me to try DDP Yoga, having myself never kept a single pound off for longer than a week or two.

Cut to today, the most inspiring thing to me is to inspire those around me. When DDP was presenting me with my oversized cheque for the DDP Yoga Challenge, one important point he made to the crowd was that none of the winners of this challenge were in it for the money! I can attest to that sentiment, and take it one further. I wasn’t even in it to win at all. I had a blog before the competition, so it made sense to throw my name in the hat the ring. But once I had entered, I didn’t think about it again. I mentally generated a list of names of people I assumed would win ahead of me  that exceeded the three winner’s slots available, and therefore assumed I was mathematically excluded. As I already had my blog, I just kept blogging as per usual. This may explain some of the bafflingly long time that elapsed between DDP announcing I had won, and me actually figuring out what was happening!

In lieu of any real effort to win a competition, my motivation to keep blogging was my ever-growing passion for DDP Yoga. I had stumbled into this amazing program: a celebrity exercise workout that was actually invented by said celebrity, rather than just sticking his name on a pre-existing product. A celebrity who genuinely cared about the people who participated in the program, instead of sitting on a beach cashing royalty cheques in exchange for selling his name. And more to the point, a workout program that delivered staggering results. If anyone has bought into program after program that doesn’t work, it’s me. In fact, prior to DDP Yoga, I had a 100% failure rate with workout and exercise systems I had tried before.

I started blogging because I assumed that the majority of people are still helplessly mired in the frustration of spending large amounts of money on systems that used dishonest before and after photos, disingenuous celebrity endorsements, and other shady tactics, and the ensuing guilt and self-loathing that comes with failing to get any results from that investment. I wanted to do whatever I could to help people find DDP Yoga, because I knew from experience that it is the real deal. DDP spends massive amounts of his time helping people who have already bought in. Access to teamDDPyoga.com is free. And the before and after pictures on the transformation page are user-submitted (I should know). And, oh yeah, it works!! This blog was my best idea for getting the message out to as many people as I could.

Whatever inspiration I have put out there has already come back to me tenfold. It makes my day when friends contact me on Facebook asking about DDP Yoga, and dozens have done so. The funniest example occurred on my homeward journey from the DDP Yoga workshop in Wixom. I was sitting at the airport, with a comically large cheque under one arm and my yoga mat under the other. I jumped onto a wifi network and found a message from a primary school friend asking, “I’m curious about the yoga that you mentioned before… Is it something you’d recommend?” Um, yeah!

New Friends

I have had so many friends ask about my experience and success, that I have generated a word document with FAQs and basic info to hand out. The fact that so many of my friends have now joined me on this journey is nothing short of a blessing. It’s crazy to think despite being the person who was 2 lbs away from the 200 mark less than a year ago, I am now enough of an authority that others are taking my advice about health and weight loss. In less than a year, I have gone from wincing in pain going up a flight of three steps to having an ex-roommate tell me that she’s doing a half-marathon this year because she was inspired by my completing one. It’s also such an amazing motivation to keep on my own journey knowing that I have other people watching my progress, and feeling that I have a responsibility to those I have sold on it. That feeling has definitely gotten me on the mat during those less motivated days!

If you feel you need a little extra inspiration to lose weight, gain health and flexibility, and find an amazing sense of achievement, look no further!


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