OWNing Up!

I saw this pretty rocking video by Frederic Cruz on TeamDDPyoga.com, and decided to try it out for myself (I did nail flying pigeon after all):

Oops! I left a comment for Frederic asking for a tutorial video. He very kindly agreed to make one, but also left this piece of information for me.

I , religiously, utilized the RHC workout! It gave me the core strength to extend my leg out!

Yup. Red Hot Core. My nemesis. I knew before reading this comment that I haven’t been doing Red Hot Core enough. I hate core work, and I have talked myself into believing that because I actually have ab tone for the first time in my life, I can forgo doing RHC as often as the DDP Yoga Guide recommends.

However, looking at the list of poses I am working toward, some of which have eluded me for months now, all but one* requires core strength, and the lack thereof is likely what is holding me back.

Let’s be honest, it’s not a lack of arm strength! (this is first time in my life I have ever had arm tone, all thanks to DDP Yoga)

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 22.55.11

A still from a practice run of the Liz Cutter

It’s time to own up to what I have known all along. I need to work my core strength. So, hear ye, hear ye, from this day forth, I vow to do RHC at least two times a week. And I vow to OWN these poses!


*In the case of dragonfly pose, the lack of hip flexibility seems to be the problem.


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