Words to Workout By!

When I started out DDP Yoga, the list of things I couldn’t do was extensive. I couldn’t do all the moves in Fat Burner or Energy! without modifications or numerous Safety Zone breaks. On top of a general lack of strength and stamina, I had huge mental blocks after years of failing at exercise and hearing that girls can’t do pushups, or heavy people can’t do arm balances. Luckily, as part of the research I did while deciding whether or not to try DDP Yoga, I read an interview with DDP where he said that he never wants to hear people say, “I can’t do this,” or “I wish I could do this,” instead saying, “I can do this”, or, “I will do this.” I wish, wish, wish I could find this interview so that I could share it with anyone new to the program because it changed my life! If you find it, email me... please!!! Because of that interview, anytime I was doing a push-up, or attempting to get into crow, I would say over and over and over in my head, “I can do this,” often saying it out loud if the inner voices telling me I couldn’t do it were being especially loud. And it worked! When I told myself I could do it, and visualized myself doing it, I did it. At first, it was on my knees, and over time, it was a full push-up. After 30 days, I got Black Crow (having never done even the modified version in the 33 years preceding my doing DDP Yoga). DDP is right. It’s all about your mindset.

While I can’t share the interview with you, DDP has just put together a short YouTube clip that covers this philosophy, so watch it!


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