Liz Rebooted

I’m done! I finished the half-marathon I spent the past three months training for. At the risk of being a broken record, I am going to again point out that back in January of this year (2013 for my friends from the future), my physical therapists promised me that with my ITBS, PFPS, weak calves, inflamed knees, tight and weak hips, and overweight status, amongst a litany of other complaints they had with my body, it would be at least a year before I could think about running at all. And in case I didn’t get how serious it was, they did that thing where they repeat the crappy part of the sentence: “It will be at least a year before you can think about running… at least.” Okay, okay, I get it, I’m in bad shape. Well, like a smaller scale of Arthur Boorman’s achievement in the face of being told by his doctor that he would never walk unassisted again… never (I’m assuming they doubled up the bad part of the sentence here too), DDP Yoga let me prove them wrong. After 4 months of DDP Yoga, and before I started training for the half marathon, I went to a orthopedic specialist to get the all-clear to start. She said my flexibility was above average, my ITBS was gone, and I was a prime candidate for a half-marathon program. Thanks DDP!

The training program allowed for some cross training, which I took to mean, “do your DDP Yoga!” but there was a lot of running, and as the three months progressed, the opportunity to fit in my DDP Yoga waned. As a result, my flexibility took a bit of a hit. It’s not as bad as it was before, but it’s not as good as it was when I was exclusively on the DDP Yoga plan. I have already signed up for the Wisconsin half marathon in May, which will mean a start date in February for training. Between now and then, my sole focus will be to work on my flexibility and DDP Yoga certification.

Doing the 6 pictures every month was such an important part of my success when I used DDP yoga to lose weight, so I am going to take a similar approach, but this time the pictures will be solely geared towards assessing my flexibility, as I don’t plan to lose any more weight. And there’s going to be 9 of them this time! Here’s my Day 0:



In a similar vein, I am going to reboot my DDP certification training. I had been following along with the video, and assumed following along with it over and over would enable me to present it. However, when I made my first attempt at doing this month’s Warrior’s in Training challenge, in which I needed to make a video of myself teaching DDP Yoga, it was made horribly clear to me that my approach had not been working. Despite the hundreds of times I have done DDP Yoga workouts, I couldn’t remember the cues for a single move, never mind delivering them. I have scrapped my DDP Certification journal, and I am going to restart with Sparky’s journal template. I am going to do the certification video more times per week, and I will either be co-leading (parroting along with DDP while I do the workout), or practicing it on my own. No more following along in silence.

Wish me luck!

The title of this post is a nod to my mate, Christina, and her wonderful blog, Body Rebooted. It’s a great blog, you should check it out! 



  1. Just ordered the Max Pack using your referral link. You are SUCH an inspiration! THANK YOU for this blog and wish me luck!

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