Gratitude II: Inspiring The Inspired.

I’ve written extensively about how DDP yoga is the real deal, and how it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for me, so I’m not going to reiterate that here. I will just say that I am loving my life thanks to DDP yoga. I have so much enthusiasm and passion to share this system with other people for no other reason than I want other people to experience the same joy, satisfaction and health that I have received.

That goal drove my decision to set up this blog. I have never been one to draw attention to myself or self-aggrandize, but I know that saying, “Hey, look what I can do now!” is a great way to inspire people to check out DDP Yoga. I also post about my experiences and achievements with DDP Yoga on Facebook and Twitter and an effort to spread the good word, and as my mother will attest one from her recent visit, in person I talk incessantly about the benefits of DDP Yoga and how amazing DDP is. I put all I can think of out there, and then I get on with my DDP Yoga. I hope people take it on board, but I don’t give it too much thought once it’s out there. It was so recently I was a hopeless failure that I don’t truly comprehend that I could be a success story or an inspiration to others. And that’s likely a good thing. I don’t want to get complacent, and I prefer being on the humble side of the ego scale. Besides, I am usually too busy having my ass kicked by Double Black Diamond or the Extreme Psycho Workout to sit around wondering if people on Facebook or Twitter are adequately impressed by my achievements!

However, it has warmed my heart to have people come to me to ask about DDP Yoga. Recently I’ve been thrilled to being contacted by numerous friends from my non-DDP Yoga life, including an ex-roommate, a friend from grad school, two women from my prenatal class, an ex-boyfriend and my husband’s childhood friend, for information about DDP Yoga. Each time, I have been delighted to take the time to respond with way more information than I was asked for in an overly enthusiastic effort to seize on that opportunity to help them get into the system. I have been told time and time again by people that I’ve that I know in my personal life as well as strangers to contact me through teamDDPyoga or on my website that I am an inspiration to them.

A large part of my humility comes from knowing that I am not owed anything by DDP Yoga; I owe it. If you follow my blog, you have heard this all before, so I have decided to forgo writing out all that DDP Yoga has given me in favor of a handy table (see below). The take-home of this point is that to have met the goals I had at Day 0 alone justifies the time I have committed and the money I have spent on DDP Yoga. Everything else that has happened since is just a dream come true; I dream that I didn’t have the imagination to come up with when I started this journey.

To have come as far as I have is the ultimate blessing. To have the opportunity to pay it forward and inspire people to find their way to health and happiness is, well, I don’t think there’s a word big enough for that, but I am just so grateful.
Thanks DDP!


*Note: All of these achievements have come to fruition!


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