There’s No Place Like Home

I was on the DDP Yoga Experience Podcast this week1. One of the questions I was asked was whether the website was instrumental in my success. I answered yes. The support, advice and inspiration I have received at has been pivotal to my ability to meet my goals, and to stay motivated as I maintain the weight loss and finding new challenges.

But there’s more to than simple workout tips and nutritional advice that you would find with the the support websites for other workout or weight loss systems. I describe to people in my day-to-day life as being the Facebook for DDP Yoga. But there’s still more to it than that.

The word I was looking for to describe what it really means finally presented itself to me when I completed my 6-minute plank. I told my husband about my achievement, and while he was happy for me, he didn’t fully get why I was so happy about it. I also didn’t want to show him the video of it, because my hair was a mess, I was sweating and shaking, and singing like a deranged banshee. There was one place where I could put out such a video, and know that everyone would get it. The word for such a place is “home”. is home for me. It’s where I feel comfortable being myself. I can show all my failures, I can show my silliness, I can brag when I get something new.

Much like a real family, the people in are genuinely happy for you, with not a single trace of jealousy or pettiness. The support is unconditional and unabating. There’s no need to be embarrassed about posting pictures of yourself in less-than-flattering positions, or to write about weaknesses or shortcomings. Everything you put out on is responded to with love. I have found that makes me a better person. I have found that pettiness or jealousy that I would expect to experience is completely absent when I am cheering a fellow teammate on when they are accomplishing something that I am yet to achieve.

So, thank you to all my friends and family. This journey would be nothing without you.

DDP Radio 4

1Please support our fellow by subscribing to his podcast and rating it. Also, give it a good rating because it’s a really great podcast!


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