6 Minutes to August

I did it, and only two months too late! I finally completed the 6-minute plank challenge that I set myself as part of my August WiT Bust a Move challenges.

When I first saw people were doing the six minute planks, I remember thinking, “I can do that!” DDP always says to tell yourself that you can do things before you try them, but this time I didn’t need to reassure myself of anything. Plank is easy. Plank is the rest you get before the slow burn push-ups kick your ass. Obviously I can do six minutes-worth of something I can already do. Honestly, when I added the plank to the sixty second Black Crow and forearm balance challenges, it was so that I could have something I knew I could complete that month. Of course, my arrogance was rewarded by completing everything but the plank!

Yesterday was quite the day for 6’s. I went for a run with my family. My husband joined me, pushing my daughter in our jogging stroller for the first two miles of the scheduled five miles I had to do for my half-marathon schedule. We were on a three-mile loop. As I was approaching mile two of my second lap, I decided to keep going and ended up running over six miles.

When we got home, I needed to do some strength straining. Back in August, I had managed about three minutes of holding a plank, but since then I have learned how to do do pull-ups and better push-ups, and something told me it was time to give it another go.

Before you watch this, I want to warn you about a couple of things. First, I look like a worn out mess because I had just run six miles. Also, I was singing along to unforgivably terrible pop music to get through the six minutes. I used to be quite a good singer; I was on two choirs, actually. But a decade-and-a-half of smoking laid waste to my dreams* of headlining a musical!  Sadly for you, what you will hear in this video is less singing and more “pack of three-legged, rabid raccoons, hissing and shrieking at each other”. But I do drop enough F-Bombs to lose a PG-13 rating if that’s your thing, and there’s a happy ending!

* I never had any such dream!


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