The Spirituality of DDP Yoga

I was just listening to DDP Radio, and DDP mentioned that we should post about what motivates us to keep going. It occurred to me that in all the rambling I have done on this blog, I really never posted anything on that topic. The main reason for this lack of introspection on my part is that when you are busy doing something, you don’t have a lot of time to think about the fact that you are doing it.

I was just watching the DDP Yoga segment on HBO’s Real Sports (post to come).  They brought up the point that DDP has taken the spirituality out of yoga. I both agree and beg to differ. I have been to conventional yoga classes in the past. I have sat in the lotus position, focusing on my breath, seeing through my third eye, while my chakras are energized by breathing energy up from the earth (Yeah, I have no clue what any of that means either). I never got anything out of it. Honestly, I was usually just pretending I knew what I was meant to be experiencing, and wondering what all the other people in the class were doing that I wasn’t.

When I do DDP Yoga, the instructions are straightforward and understandable. I know what DDP wants me to do. In between poses, instead of telling me to release the weight of my  bones into the earth or to cultivate pranayama, he’s using the time to remind me that I can do it, or telling me that I am doing great. Every workout is infused with such great support, motivation, encouragement and positivity that it lifts me up emotionally. Spiritually, you might say. When I walk away from the mat after a killer Diamond Cutter or Extreme Psycho Workout session, I feel good about myself. I am happier. I have a better confidence in myself and my abilities, and that gets carried into other areas of my life. My spirit is enriched by DDP Yoga. I am more peaceful, more centered and more joyful for doing DDP Yoga. Basically, I get out of DDP Yoga all that I was meant to be getting out of the yoga that was full of “spiritual mumbo jumbo” (as DDP puts it).

That uplifting support and encouragement is not only in the DDP Yoga DVDs. It’s in the world of DDP Yoga. I get so much support and uplifting energy from everyone at teamDDPyoga. And I get that support from DDP himself. I have received a number of emails and phone calls from him to show admiration when I achieve something new or to help me with something I am trying to achieve. One of the emails he sent me gives me such joy and motivation when I read it, I have it taped to the elliptical for those mornings when I just can’t get myself going. I debated transcribing it here, but I ended up deciding to keep it to myself. It was such a special message to receive, both in the content of the email, and who it was from, that I want to keep it to myself.

Speaking of running, DDP Yoga helps me there too. I am currently training for a half-marathon, and when the longer runs, or the runs I do in the morning get too tough, I envision myself doing the Diamond Cutter sign as I cross the finish line. That mental image helps me go faster or longer, and gets me over the hump. Similarly, when I am doing a tough DDP Yoga workout, I pretend that I am one of the participants in a workout as it is being filmed. I am in such admiration of DDP that I wouldn’t want to mess up a DVD filming, so that imagery helps me keep my form.

I spent so long as an inactive and unhealthy person that I had a lot of anxiety and self-doubt about what I could achieve and maintain. As people go, I am also prone to stress and anxiety in other areas of my life. Doing DDP Yoga has allowed me to find some inner peace and centering like I have never experienced before in my life. It has given me a strength of spirit that I never had before. So yeah, DDP Yoga has no references to your chakras, your third eye, or any earth elements you are meant to be absorbing through your breath, but it is chock-full of spirituality. That said, sometimes I could really go for a nice, long savasana after doing Double Black Diamond!


It just doesn’t look right, does it?



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