Sun Salutations – DDP Yoga Style

I don’t make a habit of posting my challenge videos here, but I was quite pleased with this one.

When I started DDP Yoga in April of this year, I couldn’t do slow burn push-ups without being on my knees. This morning, I did 100 of them.

This is a video of me doing the 100 Bang Salute at Sunrise. I did all 100 push-ups, all 200 Diamond Cutters, but I definitely forgot to do some of the Down Dogs, Forward Bends, and maybe some of the ignitions. I engaged less as my heart rate rose. My form on the later push-ups wasn’t great, and my ability to count to 3 waned. That said, my push-up form wasn’t as appalling as the camera angle may lead you to believe!

This was a damn tough challenge, and I am DAMN proud of myself! BANG!



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