DDP Yoga Humor

I was walking through the grocery store today in my Property of Dallas t-shirt, which was at that point getting a little stinky from running a 5K this morning. A very nice store clerk who was handing cheese samples asked if I was a Cowboys fan*.

“Nope,” I replied, “I’m a DDP fan!”

He looked as confused as possible, until I explained that DDP stands for Diamond Dallas Page, who I was a fan of in wrestling back in my tweens, but now is even more important to me because of DDP Yoga. We had a brief, but enthusiastic conversation about DDP Yoga, and he promised to look at the Arthur video.

It was fun to spread the good word, but also joke around a bit too!

Oh, and that 5K? I ran it in 28 minutes and 5 seconds (a 9:05/mile pace). That’s the first time I ever ran a sub-30 minute 5K, and it’s because I do DDP Yoga.


*Nothing against the Cowboys. I’m not from America so I don’t really get Football (the Cowboys play football, right?), and, honestly, I have always preferred the thought of chewing off my own arm over watching someone else play sports on TV.


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