My New Philosophy

We are not all at different points on the same path;
we are each alone on our own path.

I articulated that thought when I was talking to someone about their problem with doing push-ups. However, it’s very easy to explain the futility of comparing your success to that of others when looking at someone else’s yoga journey.

Maybe less than twelve hours elapsed between that conversation and me scrolling through movies and pictures of other members who can do Scorpion Pose or Forearm Balance wondering why I couldn’t do it. I let in all sorts of entitled thoughts about it not being fair, or how I wish I could get it. But those are not productive thoughts.

I did Forearm Balance using a yoga strap for the first time two nights ago. Last night I tried again, and expected to be able to do it, because I had been told by someone (who was being encouraging) that once I had it, I’d be able to do it from then on. But last night, I didn’t approach it with the right mentality. I was bickering with my husband, I came to it expecting that it would happen for me, and I gave myself about 5 minutes to try it. It didn’t happen, and that’s a good thing, because if I had gotten it, that would have been a bad lesson about entitlement for me to have.

It’s okay that many members of can get Forearm Balance without yoga props, and hold it for up to 70 seconds when I can’t. That’s where they are on their path. Forearm balance, Scorpion pose, and psycho push-ups might be farther along my path. Other achievements will be nearer on my path. The order in which I master things will be different to another person, so having expectations of what I should be able to do based on someone else’s achievements is fruitless. Either way, the only way I will move along my path is to focus on it, and to put in the work and effort it takes to move along it.


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