Last night, I watched DDP’s motivational talk about Living Life at 90% while doing my half-marathon training on the elliptical. Then I read the chapter of YRG for regular guys about achieving goals.

After I was done on the elliptical, I spent some time on Forearm Balance as part of this month’s Warriors in Training blog. In particular, I focused on DDP’s advice he gave me about doing psycho push-ups (not there yet, but I am closer with this evening’s progress), and Kevin Russo’s advice and forearm balance video. Obviously, this is all superimposed onto the base of the forearm balance instruction from the Extreme Psycho Workout.

Here’s what happened:

I almost wrote that I finally got it. But I would only use the word “finally” because I practically have less patience than my 2-year-old. But as I was about to type that, it occurred to me that I have only been doing DDP Yoga for 4 months, and I didn’t even start my Scorpion Pose/Forearm Balance on Day 1 at that! That is a tremendous advance in such a short period of time (the frame of reference being the years I spent doing conventional yoga an accomplishing nothing!).



    1. I’m still working on Forearm Balance. I want to get it for longer (Kevin Russo is over a minute!!), without a yoga strap or wall, and be able to use it to do Scorpion Pose. Also, I want to do Psycho Push-ups, which I think in terms of the type of strength required is related. Basically lots of upper body and inversions, cos that’s what I haven’t been as good at in the past.

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