You Have a Great Personality Smile!

I do NOT have a great smile. This statement is not intended to elicit your sympathy. I don’t really care whether or not I have a pretty smile; I am thirty-three, and beyond that level of vanity. Besides, I smile my wonky smile with pride because I have a great life now. I have a wonderful husband, a brilliant and sweet daughter, and thanks to DDP Yoga, a new lease on life.

My smile is  wonky because I had to have (very minor) surgery on the right side of my lower lip two years ago. I have scar tissue and numbness now, and ,basically, I smile like someone shot up one side of my mouth with Botox!

Before that surgery, and before DDP Yoga, I was horribly overweight and had a rather nice smile. Ironically, I was so unhappy with being overweight, and had far less in my life to be happy about back then. But my smile was pretty. However, when people told me that I had a beautiful smile, it was always tainted with the feeling that they desperately wanted to find something to compliment me about, and my smile was an obvious target. They certainly couldn’t compliment my figure, or how my clothes fit. My jiggling arms and armpit babies weren’t likely to evoke “oohs” and “aahs”. I never got the “You’ve got a great personality” line because, thankfully, that was a cliché by then. So my smile became the obvious choice for good-intentioned people to focus on. I have actually been told I have a great smile by people who were looking at pictures in which I wasn’t even smiling!

Before_2She has such a nice smile… And some stunning armpit babies too!

Nowadays, the complete opposite is true. Thanks to DDP Yoga, there is plenty to compliment me about. I have met up with numerous friends who haven’t seen me in a few months, and all of them say (genuinely), “Wow, you look great!” often accompanied by them standing back to take a better look at my new figure. And it feels great. So great that I don’t mind if I had to trade in ever hearing what a nice smile I have again!

vlcsnap-2013-08-08-19h21m49s151Good for her; she managed to lose all that armpit baby weight! 


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