Inspired, the YouTube Clip!

I’m a bit of a Luddite when it comes to YouTubing, so it took me a while to discover, but the video I posted about my first 90 days with DDP Yoga has garnered some impressive attention. One Arthur Boorman left a comment for me. The Arthur Boorman! He said “Wonderful”.  It may have only been a single word, but that single word meant the world to me. It meant the world because Arthur Boorman is the reason I started this journey.

If you haven’t seen this already, where have you been?

The first time I watched this clip I was sobbing so loud that my husband came to see if I was okay. The next time I watched it was about 3 minutes after the first time. I posted it on Facebook, I emailed it to friends, I shared it every way to everyone I could think of. I was truly moved by it. I couldn’t believe the scale of his transformation. I have fallen for bogus before and after pictures before, but a change like this couldn’t be faked. I didn’t need to lose as much weight as Arthur, nor were my knees damaged to the same extent, but I had the exact same feeling of hopelessness. Seeing someone achieve more than I needed to achieve made me start to be believe I may have finally found something genuine, something real amongst the mountains of get-thin-quick scams and infomercials. I stayed at the watching-the-Arthur-video phase for a lot longer than I should have. I don’t remember what finally made me pull the trigger, but I wish I’d done it sooner. For my health, my happiness, and my figure, it was the best decision I have ever made.

And now it seems things have come full circle, albeit on a much smaller scale. My video has been posted a couple of times on the DDP Yoga Facebook page, as well as on my own Facebook page, here, and on at the website. I have received a number of comments from people saying that I have inspired them. One DDP Yoga newbie contacted me via Facebook to ask me for nutritional advice, and a friend of a friend pumped me for information on DDP Yoga and dieting tips when we met. Both she and my friend both practice DDP Yoga now.

It seems surreal to me that I am inspiring anyone. It was only 4 months ago that I was 192 lbs (overweight), depressed, suffering with bad knees, and overeating in both a caloric and psychological sense. It’s so strange to me that anyone wants my advice because it many respects I am still the person who was capable of losing control and becoming overweight; I still battle my sweet tooth and my inability to control my portions. I probably always will. I am beginning to see that having flaws is okay, as long as you come up with systems to work around them. For me, it’s logging every morsel of food – even the ones I don’t want to admit to – into MyFitnessPal. Doing that, along with following the DDP Yoga nutrition plan has helped me remove all unhealthy food from my diet and eat the correct amount number of calories to maintain my new weight. For instance, I may eat way too much peanut butter, but it’s organic, single ingredient peanut butter, and I don’t go over the 2020 cals/day MyFitnessPal says I should be eating. Perhaps the people I look up to have flaws they still struggle with too. Apart from DDP, of course; gods don’t have flaws!

And if you want to see Arthur’s comment, it’s under this clip on the YouTube page:


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