The Scorpion Saga

Since I met my weight loss goals, and started transitioning to seeing how far I could take Yoga, I have been met mostly with success. Until I came face-to-face with a nasty little Scorpion (pose).

I was optimistic when I first tried it:

So I kept going:

And going:

I let frustration get the better of me:

But I remembered to be proactive:

And when I asked DDP for help, and stuck with following DDP workouts (and not the other ones online), I was finally met with some success!

Yes, yes, if you blinked you likely missed it. But, it was a real forearm balance (the precursor to Scorpion). I am on the right path, thanks to DDP!

I will make progress with this pose, and someday soon, I will nail it!



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