A Pleasant Fringe Benefit

I noticed something awesome about DDPY this morning. Last night I did the Extreme Psycho Workout. It kicked my ass. I burnt a tonne of calories, strengthened up my body, sweated, and did more cursing than I am proud of. It’s Extreme! And it’s Psycho! As tough a workout as I have ever done.

Cut to this morning. When I woke up, I was well-rested and limber. In fact, I was less stiff this morning than mornings when I haven’t worked out at all. And this is true of all DDPY workouts. I basically sprang out of bed.

I compare this to previous workouts I have done in the past. Whenever I did The Firm, Tae Bo, or a Lau Gar Kickboxing class, the tougher the workout was, the stiffer and more sore I was the next morning. Fitness systems with lots of plyo moves usually had my knees begging for mercy, any videos using weights such as The Firm usually left me unable to raise my arms about shoulder level, and I remember having to walk sideways up the stairs after a grueling kickboxing class because my legs wouldn’t work properly for a couple of days.

But not DDPY. I get stronger than I have with any other exercise (I’ve NEVER had muscle tone like I do now), but I never get the horrible stiffness and soreness, or injury to my joints. Nope, in fact it’s the opposite. I am more limber and relaxed the day after a grueling DDPY workout!!

WIN-WIN!! Oh, and BANG!!



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