DDP for Knees!!!

Hey guys, I would post a video about this because I am so frickin’ happy and thankful to DDP Yoga right now, but I am sitting in a Starbucks, and I don’t want the barista to think I have taken leave of my senses!!!

I got some FANTASTIC medical news today!

Some background first: I was completely inactive as a child and teen (no one could beat me at Micro Machines or Mario Kart… NO ONE). I followed that up in my 20’s with more inactivity punctuated by 30 day bouts of intensive high-impact step aerobics and plyometric systems from infomercials (the key being there was no instructor telling me if my form was off, and it was off!!) My knees took the brunt of all this and I ended up with ITBS and patellofemoral pain syndrome. In the former, my kneecaps were being pulled outward by a bad combo of tight IT bands, and weak adductor muscles. I also had the latter by having weak quads and tight hammies.

I can’t do physical therapy because I bruise like a peach, and having sore IT bands makes it impossible to workout, or stick with the physical therapy (who wants to go to someone who hurts you). Also, I am not good at doing the 30 mins or so of stretching that I was meant to do EVERY DAY, because it’s tedious and doesn’t help with weight loss.


I started DDP Yoga because (amongst many other reasons), the Arthur video gave me hope that I had found a exercise system that might actually help with my knees, or at least not HURT them as all the previous systems had done. Over the 100+ days I have been doing DDPY, my knees have been getting better and better. The other day, I ran up and down the stairs holding my 30 lb daughter (we were goofing around). Pre-DDPY, I couldn’t get up the stairs without holding the bannister, wincing, and going very slowly. Since DDPY, I’ve run 5Ks, I’m training for a half-marathon, both of which were unfathomable before I started this; my physical therapist told me I wasn’t going to be able to run for at least a year, and marathons were unlikely (anyone remembering Arthur’s message about listening to people who say you can’t do something?).

Here’s just some of why DDPY works for knees*: 1. For ITBS, the pulling your adductors together for every single Touchdown, Diamond Cutter, etc strengthens them, and coupled with the twisting lunges, twisted triangles, can openers, various twists/hip openers while we’re “going home”, the IT band gets a huge stretching. 2. For PFPS, various Catcher to Thunderbolts and other exercises strengthen the quads, and all the folding over and down dogs stretch out the hamstrings. Also, it’s fun and I can see myself losing weight, so unlike the painful physical therapy, I stick with DDP Yoga!!!!

So now to the GOOD NEWS:

I went to an Orthopedist today to check on my knees. I had a series of functional assessments and full X-rays of my knees, and everything is GREAT!! My IT bands are (quote) “wonderful, not tight at all”, and my calves, quads and adductors are strong enough to keep everything in place. My doctor said she thinks I am perfectly healthy to do my half-marathon. She asked what I had been doing for my knees, and I told her all about DDPY, and I was thrilled that she seemed legitimately interested. She herself does yoga to help with wear and tear from running, but when I told her what sets DDPY apart, she was genuinely interested, had lots of questions, and said she was going to look into it!!!

I am SO HAPPY!!! I really need to get certified, because I am motivated more than ever to bring DDP Yoga to as many people as I can!

And as I seem to sign off all my blog posts: Thanks DDP!



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