Never Meet Your Idol, Unless Your Idol is DDP!

DDP phoned me!

I can’t believe DDP phoned me, but having checked the “recents” list on my phone about a thousand times, I am beginning to realize it is true. Boy, was I starstruck! I was packing food into the diaper bag for a daytrip, and running around after my toddler when the phone rang. I answered it and heard, “Hi, this is DDP,” on the other end. The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my god!” He must get that a lot, because he chuckled! We had a nice conversation about my progress and he told me I had done well, and to call him if I needed any help. I had a smile from ear-to-ear all day!

This whole exchange reminded me of an equivalent, yet very different, experience I had with the on screen instructors of The Firm. In the run-up to my wedding back in 2009, I worked out every day trying to get my post-thesis body into a passable shape; it was that or fire the wedding photographer! I lost a little under 10 lbs, and got an okay tone in my shoulders and arms. The results were nothing compared to what DDP Yoga has done for my weight loss or muscle tone, but as I hadn’t discovered DDP Yoga at that point, 10 lbs and not jiggling like a bowl of jelly was a pretty good achievement in my mind, even if it meant pounding my knees to the point of not being able to walk without pain, so I decided to write them a letter expressing my gratitude. I found two of the instructors on Facebook through The Firm’s page, and sent them a private message. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t hear a word back from them. I talked to my friend who also did The Firm, and she made the very keen observation that The Firm charges a subscription for its online forum, and the instructors may be forbidden from talking to customers outside of that context. I realized that was exactly what had happened. The experience left me feeling embarrassed and feeling a little cheap. I felt as if The Firm only cared about me in so far as what money they could get out of me, and if I wasn’t willing to buy more products from them, I was out on my own.

That’s not who DDP is, or how DDP Yoga treats people. I have found a home at, and I know DDP truly and genuinely cares about the people who are doing DDP Yoga. He has devised an amazing system, and he seems to be doing anything he can to bring it to people who will have better lives because of it. He’s such an inspiration, both as a person and yoga guru!




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