Before and After!

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I am so happy and honored that I could cry! Truth be told, I actually did cry a little when I initially read the email. The email was from the DDP Yoga webmaster, asking my permission to post my story on their website.

Let me rephrase: MY story is going to be featured at the DDP Yoga store website! I can’t believe that after all the various things I have tried, and all the before & after pictures I have seen, and all the times I failed, that I have now met my goals, and, even better, I am being given the chance to inspire others. I never, ever would have even thought to dream that I could have been one of those stories. Ever. It just didn’t happen to me. Honestly, when I posted the first entry on this blog, I ¬†believed I had been too fat for too long, and too inactive all my life, that maybe it had somehow stuck. I truly believed I had missed the deadline on being able to change. Hopefully, I can get my story out there to other people who think the same thing. It seems like an aeon ago that I felt that hopeless and broken, but it was actually less than 3 months ago! I can’t believe how far I have come in that short time, and it’s so motivating and reaffirming that the powers that be at DDP Yoga see it too!

My story should be posted here in the near future:


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