Day 60 – Never Thought I’d See This.

I am 165 lbs! Me!

I haven’t been 165 lbs since. Well, I don’t really remember. I was 9 lbs when I was born and I have been at least 170 lbs since I was 12, so 165 presumably happened somewhere in there. It’s safe to say that 165 lbs is a distant childhood memory.

This also blows my 170 lb by Day 90 goal out of the water! I am going to re-edit it to 155 lbs. The relevance of 155 to me is that it equals 11 stone (the standard weight measurement in the British Isles where I am from). As  teen, when I had no idea that weight could be controlled by diet an exercise, I longed to be 11 stone, but it never happened.

DDP Yoga is AMAZING. I have gone from wondering if it is (yet another) useless gimmick I am wasting money on that will never help lose weight, to worrying that the weight is coming off too fast (you gotta worry about something, right?).

Let’s review my 90 Day goals

  • Get to 170 lbs
  • Stick with it longer than previous systems
  • Have my knees hurt less

Well, I am at 165 lbs now, and I have been here longer than a month. And did I mention I ran a 5K? I am NOT a runner, or at least, I was never one before.

There’s something else I feel I can mention now. DDP talks a lot about owning it and I’ve heard him mention that he respects people who says they “will” do it, instead of saying they “hope” they can do it. I definitely took that on board when I was thinking of my goals, but deep down I didn’t believe I would ever really get to 170 lbs. I also didn’t truly think my knees could hurt less; I would have been pretty happy if doing DDP Yoga didn’t hurt them more! But, I did bring the right mental attitude with me, and I think that overrode the deeper doubts I had myself.

Day1_30_60_Side Day1_30_60_Front


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