“You’re a size 12 now, Dear”

When I started DDP Yoga, all those month ago (sic), I was a size 18. I know, having done the Day 30 measurements that I have lost some weight, though I didn’t know how that would translate into dress sizes. It has been a long  time since I went shopping because when you are fat and miserable, you don’t really have the desire to see yourself in fitting room mirrors in clothing you can’t get on because you’re too big!

I have a friend’s wedding coming up, so my mother in law took me out to Neiman Marcus to buy a dress for it. She asked what size I was so that she could go fetch dresses while I was in the changing room. I reasoned that I was a size 16 when I weighed 185 lbs, so very, very optimistically I thought there was a chance I may be a size 14 now at my amazing 175 lbs. I tried on one size 14, and it was baggy. So we tried on another, and another, and another. They were all too loose.

Then my mother-in-law said the words that made my week:

“You’re a size 12 now, Dear.”

Wow. A size 18 to a size 12 in a month!

image image (1)


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