Feelin’ It

I haven’t received my DDP DVDs yet, but according to the tracking info, they should be here soon.

In the meantime, I have set up my teamDDPyoga.com profile, and (reluctantly) taken my Day 0 pictures to gauge my weight and flexibility levels as instructed by the website (see below). I am pretty impressed that while waiting for my DVDs to arrive, I am able to access the first two workouts online along with the program guide. I am going to do calorie counting with MyFitnessPal in conjunction with the nutritional recommendations. I am familiar enough with healthy eating that I will skip to Phase II or III of the DDP nutrition, but it will be modified to accommodate my vegetarianism!

The first workout was the core moves that will be used throughout the program. The second workout was called Energy. Both were about 30 minutes long, and despite being short, they kicked my ass. I had a heart rate monitor on, which I highly recommend, and I burned over 200 calories just doing the instructional video of the core movements! I’m beginning to think it this whole dynamic resistance may be for real. I guess the scales will tell in 30 days time!

The goals I listed on my teamDDPyoga.com profile:

  • Get back to 170 lbs (haven’t seen that in over a decade)
  • Stick with it for 90 days
  • Have my knees hurt less








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